Books to Screen: Which was better?

So we all know that the “book is always better” right? But what about those rare instances where you liked the movie or show adaptation more than the book?

For me, I liked Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, but I LOVED the movie.
Kevin Kwan is a talented writer - I loved Sex and Vanity - but he uses a lot of luxury designers as descriptors. And unless you’re familiar with shoes from Sapori di Capri, and have seen a custom half-a-mil jewelry piece by Mouawad, it’s not as exciting. Simply put- fashion is more fun to watch than to read about.

I also really enjoyed Daisy Jones and the Six. I can’t say for certain that I liked the show MORE than the book, but I can say that I loved each of them in their own way- separately. While the book had me from page one, the show was so immersive and the casting was chef’s kiss perfect!

I think about this often.

The only time I liked the movie MORE than the book was for Whip It! The book was so shallow, and the movie had so much more action and character depth.

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There’s a Whip It! book?! I love the movie; how did I not know?! :rofl:

The Daisy Jones film adaptation was perfect. Two “oldies” that for sure were better as film adaptation than the book were No Country for Old Men and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


I have a list on goodreads! A lot of them I liked both but I did prefer the screen version.

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Thanks for sharing! I love The Princess Bride movie so much; I forget that there’s a book!


I couldn’t really get into the Bridgerton books to finish past the second book, but I loved the adaptation.


Big Little Lies - both the book and the TV series were great!!

Ooo, I didn’t read the book, but I loved the show!

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The Netflix adaptation of Daisy Jones and The Six was perfectly cast; it was also true to the story line. I think people who read the book first will have enjoyed the show a little bit more.

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