Countdown going up instead of down?

Trying to use points for Chain of Gold and stayed up really late since I’m visiting family in Eastern Canada. It was down to under 1 minute and is now saying:

“Less than 5 minutes
until you can get a First Look and tell us what you think.”

I really don’t want to miss out, but can’t wait all night. Any idea why it’s happening? :frowning:


Same here… been waiting the the minutes keep going up…

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Really disappointing :frowning: It’s already 1:11AM over here.

It still going up lol.

I sent an email about it, but doubt anyone is checking staff email this late. I’m worried if I go to sleep it will be fixed and I’ll miss out.

I have to sleep soon too. I doubt anyone is looking into it right now. I’ve never waited for any ARCS except this one. So I’m kind of bummed I might miss out :frowning:

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Same here. Bummed. Stayed up late and can’t get the arc. :weary:

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Hoping they see who commented about the countdown glitch and consider holding copies + reaching out via email for the opportunity to claim. :crossed_fingers:

It’s at 28 minutes now. I work in 6 hours. :woman_facepalming:

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Same. I emailed and did a screen shot of the mins. Hope they do something for the people who were waiting for it.

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It’s up!! <3 Go get it folks :slight_smile: Glad we all waited.

Omg I work in the morning as well and was staying up, but I don’t know how much longer it’s smart to do so! I will give it until 1 and will have to turn in. Freaking 12 hour day shifts require at least 5 hours of sleep :flushed:

Just got mines!!! Finally! Now I can sleep haha

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@onereadingnurse @katizee They’re up now. Thought I’d tag so you guys get the notification <3

@amyque good to hear!

Goodnight everyone! And congrats~

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Of course, they’re all gone. :cry::cry:

I snagged a copy!!!:sob::sob::sob: I nearly freaked when it said 1 copy left to claim…not surprised they limited arc’s for this title.


It does this every week; I saw it when I claimed The Kingdom of Back in December. I just assumed it’s a weird glitch that BookishFirst has yet to fix, but they really should. Especially since they recommend vigilantly watching the release date/time in order to get a limited number of copies.

Yo @bookishfirst_team, you got any updates for us?

I’m so bummed. I stayed up and after several minutes of the timer going up instead of down I decided to go to bed. I checked early this morning and all copies were claimed already of course.

Thanks for alerting us! Unfortunately there was a glitch with the raffle start time, potentially due to a spike in traffic to the site this morning. Our tech team has been alerted to investigate this issue to ensure it doesn’t happen again. If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact our friendly support team

We are so sorry that you were unable to claim Chain of Gold – as you can imagine, the number of available claims went very quickly.

I am bummed too…I was the 700th review submitted… I am sure they didn’t have many copies.

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