December 2023 Bookish Bingo ❄️

What will you read in December? Work on your reading goals this month with a new round of Bookish Bingo!

If you share a completed bingo in the comments below before January 1, you’ll receive 20 bonus points!

Check off one of the squares and share a photo of a BookishFirst book you’ve won on your social channels (or a BookishFirst book you’ve read this year!)

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December Bookish Bingo prompts: Dessert on cover, Published in December, Winter spot, On a friend’s ‘Best of 2023’ list, Title includes a temperature description, Snowed in, Title begins with D, Set in Vermont, New-to-you BIPOC author, Cozy read, Set during a winter holiday, Last book you read in 2023, free space, Snow on cover, Book you received as a gift, Two word title, Blue or white cover, Combines tropes you love, Set in a remote location, Audiobook over 8 hours, Share pic of a BookishFirst book you won, Debut novel published in 2023, Title begins with O, A class, Author you want to read more of in 2024.


Getting this done early because I expect to be really busy this month! I did have a lot of extra down time this past week which helped –

Bingo, 4th horizontal row:
:wolf: Red Hood / Elana K. Arnold (two-word title; also audio 8+ hrs)
:teapot: The Mystery Guest / Nita Prose (Blue or white cover)
:broom: : Seance Tea Party / Reimena Yee (combines two favorite tropes–middleschool misfit + lonely ghost)
:zombie: Clementine Book 2 / Tillie Walden (remote location; Book 1 is actually set in Vermont though Book 2 takes place mostly in Quebec)
:axe: Once There Were Wolves / Charlotte McConaghy (audiobook 8+ hours, also can consider “remote” and also starts with “O”)

Also pictured:
:izakaya_lantern: Lunar New Year Love Story / Gene Luen Yang and LeUyen Pham (share a pic of bookish first win)
:ox: The Legend of Auntie Po / Shing Yin Khor (friend’s best of 2023–actually from 2022 but she re-read it recently and keeps telling me to read it too, so finally I did and it was every bit as good as she said it was)
:rice_ball: The Musubi Book / Manabu Asaoka (new to you BIPOC author)
:mountain: The Proving Trail / Louis L’Amour (snow on cover)

Not included above / not quite finished yet (but liking so far) –
7dfb651d327df3b59766a7a3577426b41414141_v5 Dust Child / Phan Quế Mai Nguyễn


Dessert on cover: Bake, Batter, and Roll by Catherine Bruns
Title begins with D: A Dish Best Served Cold by Rosie Genova
Free: Shot Caller by Jen J. Danna
Set in remote location: Mrs. Claus and the Evil Elves by Liz Ireland
Author to read more in 2024: Passport to Spy by Nancy Cole Silverman


Can anyone suggest a book for the winter sport spot? I read (and hated) Beartown by Fredrik Backman and it’s the only one I can think of. I dislike sports but it’s the only thing standing in my way of a blackout bingo this month.

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I listened to Call of the Wild (which I was originally going to use as my classic book) while driving around looking for Christmas lights. It’s a bit of a stretch since the dog sledding is used as transport in much of the book, but there is a chapter where bets are made on a dog sledding race. It’s like the Iditarod, which is totally a winter sport. Also, the book is classic and short, so there’s that.


I’m going for a full blackout bingo this month. Never read this much in my entire life!! lol. Thanks to the Libby app for being so much fun to use and full of awesome audiobooks and regular books! I can’t do the “Share pic of a BookishFirst book you won” so I’m going to have to photograph myself holding nothing.

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I didn’t even think of counting dogsled racing! Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner is a middle grade book about dogsled racing if anyone else is looking for more possibilities to fill that box.

I excel at finding books that fit certain categories… I don’t always excel at reading everything I want to read though! lol

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I used " The Queer Musings of a One-Time Boy Skater" by Joe Bainbridge. It’s actually a short memoir about his life and ice skating. Or I read “From Helsinki With Love” by K.H. Anastasia which would work too and is a hockey romance but focuses more on the romance than hockey. It was published this month.

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Here is what I have so far (will update as I go, now that I can edit my posts :clap: ):

:cake: Dessert on cover: 12 Days of UPS by Eli Easton
Published in December:
:ice_skate: Winter sport: The Queer Musings of a One-Time Skater Boy by Joe Bainbridge
On a friend’s ‘Best of 2023’ list:
Title includes a temperature description:
Snowed in:
Title begins with D:
Set in Vermont:
New-to-you BIPOC author:
Cozy read:
:hocho: Set during a winter holiday: An Unfortunate Christmas Murder by Hannah Hendy
Last book you read in 2023:
:bulb: free space: Wait for Dark by Kiersten Modglin
:japanese_ogre: Snow on cover: Goblin Monday by R.L. Stine
Book you received as a gift:
Two word title:
Blue or white cover:
Combines tropes you love:
:ice_hockey: Set in a remote location: From Helsinki With Love by K.H. Anastasia
:headphones: Audiobook over 8 hours: Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber
:door: Share pic of a BookishFirst book you won: There is a Door in This Darkness
:fire: Debut novel published in 2023: We Burn Beautiful by Lance Lansdale
:four_leaf_clover: Title begins with O: Only If You’re Lucky by Stacy Willingham
A classic:
:jigsaw: Author you want to read more of in 2024: The Missing Piece by Kiersten Modglin



Winter Holiday: Holidays On Ice (David Sedaris)
Last 2023 Book: Echo of Old Books (Barbara Davis)
Snow on Cover: The Snow Queen (Michael Cunningham)
Rec’d as Gift: Romantic Comedy (Curtis Sittenfeld)

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I was going one direction (which would’ve finished with my last book of 2023) but then made a different bingo accidentally :joy:

The :sparkles: books :sparkles:
Diagonal Bingo:
:cake: Dessert on cover: Meet Cute by Helena Hunting
:abcd: Title begins with D: Do Your Worst by Rosie Danan
:door: Set in a remote location: The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers
:books: Author you want to read more of in 2024: The Fake Mate by Lana Ferguson

Other/ bonus books! :
:sparkler: Debut novel published in 2023: Powerless by Lauren Roberts
:2nd_place_medal: Two word title: Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey
:blue_heart: Blue or white cover: The Mystery Guest by Nita Prose


Bingo - Row 4

Two word title - The CoWorker by Freida McFadden
Blue or white cover - Cutting Teeth by Chandler Baker
Combines tropes you love - Beach Read by Emily Henry
Set in a remote location - Raiders of the Lost Heart by Jo Segura
Audiobook over 8 hours - The Spare Room by Andrea Bartz

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Bingo! Right hand column

  • Includes a temperature description: Frozen River
  • Cozy Read: The Collected Regrets of Clover
  • Book you received as a gift: Black Rock Bay
  • Audiobook over 8 hours: Rootless
  • Author you want to read more in 2024: Rouge
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Winter Sport biographies:
:ice_hockey: As Fast as Her: Dream Big, Break Barriers, Achieve Success by Kendall Coyne (female pro hockey autobiography for young readers–accessible and interesting, even if you aren’t into hockey)
:ice_skate: One Jump at a Time: My Story by Nathan Chen (for skating fans! I liked that he didn’t say anything mean about anyone, a welcome respite in today’s world)

Winter Sports, in graphic format:
:pie: Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu (adorable M-M rom-com between baker-turned-college-hockey-player and his hunky team captain)
:ice_hockey: Akim Aliu: Dreamer (graphic memoir of a Nigerian/Ukrainian Canadian hockey star)
:snowflake: Spinning by Tillie Walden (graphic memoir of the ballet dancing/ice skating middleschool/highschool years by award-winning queer artist)

Winter Sports fiction:
:fire: Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley (indigenous hockey player on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula - this book has won many awards, but violent themes may be triggering)

Dogsledding nonfiction:
:dog2: The Cruelest Miles: The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against an Epidemic by Gay Salisbury (bringing critical medicine to Nome, Alaska in 1925)

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Can we count a book if we DNF it? God, Assistant to the Villian is making me want to cut my brain out of my head… listening to it on Audiobook and have 6 more hours to go… kill me. But I want this square to finish my full block!! lol.