Do you use a book weight?

I just had CMC arthroplasty with tendon transfer on my left thumb 6 weeks ago and am in PT. I always held a book with my left hand and now can’t. My PT suggested a Book Weight. Do any of you use one?
I do have a Pillow Pad - the triangle pillow I can prop a book on. But the book keeps popping closed. Any suggestions?

I have never used one but a friend of mine uses this and swears by it. She has several and keeps one almost everywhere (bedroom, purse, drawer at work, etc) so she’s almost never without one. That’s how much she loves it lol


Thanks very much! I will check this one out. I can’t stand not reading.

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I’m sure you can’t. Just the thought drives me nuts LOL. I hope it works for you!

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My niece is having a baby next year and I have already picked out which one I will gift her. It’s called page anchor. I have heard it’s hard to hold a book while nursing :breast_feeding: Maybe I will also get her the pillow book stand like you have

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I use a book weight when I am reading and eating at the same time, breakfast or lunch usually.

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No. I cannot say that I have used a book weight.

I ordered a “Book Bone” from Amazon. It works great! It’s a heavy rubber bone looking weight.

I am like a bookworm, and I mostly read the book on my right hand, it’s a major problem for many book readers, I use a leather strip which I got from ReeCoupons, even I didn’t know about that, but my friend suggested me for using it.