Don't know how to claim winning points

hey there, so I just got to 200 points and I got a message saying that I can claim a free book but I don’t see how to do that, Does anyone have any idea how that works?

From the FAQ:

Once you’ve collected 2000 points (we’ll email you when you do!), you can exchange them for the book of your choice from the current raffle. Simply click the green “Claim this book with your points!” button on that book’s page and the book is yours – without needing to write a First Impression or enter the raffle. If you don’t want any of the books in the current raffle, just wait for the next weekly raffle with a book you like and redeem your points then.

Hope this helps.

hello, thanks for the quick response, unfortunately, I don’t have the option to claim a book, I’ve tried with different books and still nothing.

You have to be logged in, the book has to be an active giveaway, and there are only a certain number of copies that are eligible to be claimed so that people still have a chance to win the raffle. The last book had all of the eligible copies claimed within the first 12 hours or so—if you were trying to claim it after that time, the “Get It Now” button would have been greyed out. There are no active giveaways right now, so there’s no way to utilize those points. Next week, you will be able to use your points to claim a copy of one of the books if you want to, or you can sit on them until there’s something specific you really want to read, as you can keep accruing points for future use. Hope this helps!


Hi, Double check what you said your point total is. Do you have 200 or do you have 2,000? Two-thousand points is what is needed, and Bookish First’s staff will let you know the minute you have that number of points! Then, browse the available books to see if any copies remain for an instant claim. Good luck, and have fun !

sorry for the typo, I met 2000 points but I’ll wait next week to see what’s available thanks again for all the help.