Don't read the back of the Do You Follow? ARC

For those reading ARCs of Do You Follow - don’t read the synopsis on the back of the book. There is a spoiler for a major twist in the book that will ruin your reading experience.


Thanks for the heads up! I hate when that happens.
I don’t understand why the book blurbs give so much away!

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I started reading and then something on the back caught my eye, and I read it. So disappointing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spoiler like that on the back of an ARC before! I kind of had it guessed anyway, but still.

Yeah I was pretty shocked that they wrote that on the back of the book. It did ruin the experience and that may be why I didn’t like the book. The description on the back is more of what would be in a query to an agent or publisher, not the reader!

It’s strange, right? Thriller readers like the twists and seeing if they can guess them.

I (and a lot of readers, it looks like) appreciate the warning.