Favorite Place to Read?

Where is your favorite place to read? Is it at home in bed, in front of the fire, outside on the porch… or is it somewhere else entirely, such as at the beach, the library, or in a coffee shop?

I typically read at home on the couch, but when the weather is fair, one of my favorite spots to read is in our hammock on the back porch. Unfortunately, I’m currently living in the South so it is typically way too hot or way too wet to do so!


I tend to read everywhere but lately I’ve been reading in bed. I snuggle with a blanket/dog and dive into a book for hours. :smiley:

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I do have a reading room but unfortunately I don’t get to sit in it as much as much as i’d like to. I do most of my reading at the end of the day in bed. Although I’m not complaining since I have a king size bed and I love it lol


If I read in bed, I would fall asleep! I even splurged and bought a really nice reading pillow. Tried using it this morning, and fell asleep for 3 hours :upside_down_face:


My favorite place to read in in my comfy recliner in the living room.
Mary Y


In the winter, I love reading in bed under my heating blanket. In the summer, I like to read on my back porch.


I’m a nut!!! I literally have some form of book on me at all times. I carry a physical book everywhere and read on my lunch breaks, in waiting rooms, before going to sleep at night…whenever I have a moment. I have a book on CD in my car and listen to that during all my drive times (haven’t heard MUSIC in over a year!), and I have a digital audiobook on my phone that I listen to while I’m extracting samples in the lab, walking my dogs, or really any other time that I have. I spend most of my days reading in some fashion. =)


I like to find quiet little corners where-ever I can and pull out my latest volume. I created a hashtag on instagram of some quirky, unique or picturesque reading experiences, and whenever I need to a quick fix to calm, I scroll through.