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February Bookish Bingo Prompts: Published in February, Two word title, Second in a series, Audiobook with two narrators, Romance by a Black author, Author uses initials, Under 280 pages, Retelling, Title begins with F, Purple cover, Part of a series about friends, Two women on the cover, free space, Pet owner, Characters make a bargain, Short story, Title written in cursive, Published in the 2000s, Red or pink cover, Set in New Orleans, Follow BookishFirst on Instagram, Football, Heart on the cover, Title begins with L, Visit your local library


I 100% know I can google this, but wanted to ask here.
Recs for romance book by a black author? Preferably paranormal? I have gotten into the habit of just going to “more like this” and never pay attention to author pictures. Apparently I’m in an author rut and am in great need to branch out.

Thanks for any ideas!

I just read The Love Con and it was so stinking cute if you are into the “pretend we’re dating-to-actually-start-dating” trope. The lead is a bigger black girl in a reality show contest for cosplay costume makers and the editing of the show is unfairly trying to cast her as an angry black woman which she definitely isn’t. This one caught my attention since it was on the “recommended by the staff” table at my local library and the cover is cute :slight_smile:

If I have time this month, I’m planning on listening to Games Women Play since my husband bought it on my audible account. He went to a writer’s convention and it was a book that was suggested in a genre he doesn’t normally read. The author is a guy and since I feel like all the romance books I’ve read have been written by females, I’m interested to see if this reads differently or not!

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Thank you! My husband was looking and reminded me of some authors I previously read aren’t in the same box as my normal ones. A male romance author sounds like a good change of pace too! Thank you!!! Love when I need to look to get out of my comfort reads and find other awesome things!

Magic Dark Magic Divine by AJ Locke