First Book! Really excited!

This book took me a really long time. I had no idea how difficult the process was. It consists of 18 short stories spanning 76 pages, this book offers a treasure trove of relatable situations and emotions. Significant events such as moving into a new home, taking on new responsibilities, welcoming a new sibling, and starting daycare for the first time are just some of the subjects covered. Children also learn about important core values such as honesty, gratitude, and respect to name a few. Its purpose is to provide comfort and understanding to children while entertaining them in a fictional world. It’s a valuable addition to any child’s library. If you decided to purchase this book thank you! You’re helping support a first-time author, and his family. And I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Growing and Changing: Short stories for Kids

By W Wilton

I hope this inspires anyone else who has always wanted to write a book. Go for it!!! You can do it!


Congrats! So happy for you.

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Thank you for taking the time to post and help others to discover what a book has to offer!

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Welcome to the forum! This book sounds interesting!

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