Friday Question #111 - Audiobook Read by the Author

Happy Friday, Readers!

What’s your favorite audiobook that’s read by the author or what’s the last one you listened to?

I just recently listened to One Friday in April that was narrated by Donald Antrim(the author).


I have never listened to an audiobook so am excited to see the replies to this Friday Question so I can pick one to start with.

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I have also never listened to an audio book. I am hoping to travel soon and plan to download something for a long flight.

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Favorite book read by the Author is Becoming by Michelle Obama - I felt like she was there with me telling me her life story. I love Kathleen Early reading Karin Slaughter books!

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I read/listened to, The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough. It was lovely to hear him read and felt like I was there having him tell me the findings of his research firsthand!

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I really like Laurie Gelman’s Class Mom series

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I don’t listen to audio books

Neil Gaiman is an excellent narrator and although that’s not typically my genre of choice, he makes his work so exciting that I fall in love with it. On the other hand, I’m currently listening to an audiobook written and read by Paul Auster, 4321, which is a bit hard for me as the author doesn’t speak clearly and enunciate. He sounds like he has a mouthful of spit, which distracts me from the book. Which brings me to my question that I’ve been debating for much of what I’ve so far listened to - how do you all feel about narrators with speech impediments? As a human, I would never want to disparage someone for something like this; however as a listener it’s hugely distracting to me. Does anyone else struggle with these feelings?

I love audiobooks and I really enjoyed listening to Will Smith read his book, Will. The audiobook included snippets of his music, TV shows, movies, etc. so the overall experience seems richer than I would’ve had reading his book. I also loved Trevor Noah reading his book, Born a Crime. His stories just come to life when he’s reading his stories and I better appreciate his fluency in several languages.

The last one I listened to was Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama.
I really enjoyed it.
Honestly, I’ve really enjoyed any book I’ve listened to that’s been narrated by the author.
Wild is a great one. But the best of all time, and one I listen to every year, Educated. Such an AMAZING story.

Survival of the Thickest: Essays by Michelle Buteau! She’s a comedian and I was already a big fan, but her narration of her book was amazing.

I only really hear an author read the audiobook if its nonfiction or a celebrity author. Like, Tom Hanks narrates his short story collection and Gabrielle Union narrators her stories.