Friday Question #115 - Outside Reading Essentials

It’s the perfect time to read outside now that spring is here!

What are your essentials for reading outside? A beach chair, sunscreen, a fun playlist?

My essentials: Sunglasses, a big floppy hat, a reader that doesn’t have any glare, and a Hydroflask to keep my beverage cold.

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A cold glass of iced tea, sunglasses and a comfortable chair


It is not a perfect time to read outside here in Michigan. It is still winter. Yesterday, Easter, it was in the 30s.

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I’m not not much of an outside person…so a cool day…cool enough to need the sun for warmth

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A bench, a park and a good book… Or a chair in the garden… Obviously my phone and a bookmark… Less distractions, more pages! Lol

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Audiobook playing in my earbuds, two dogs on leases, sunglasses and visor, lots of sunscreen and a long walk along a beach boardwalk!

Reading on enclosed porch , in Maine.

My cushioned lounge chair, water feature going and a glass of iced, flavored, mineral water!

Sunglasses, something to drink, the month’s highlighter color, a pen, sticky tabs, and a great view.