Friday Question #153 - Fictional Valentine

Happy Friday, Readers!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we have to know - who is your fictional valentine this year?

If I could pick any fictional valentine…I’d pick Colin Bridgerton.
Or Snoopy. I’d be okay with either.


I’m a big SJM fan, so I’m gonna have to go with Rhysand! :heart_eyes:
BUT if I had to choose a non-magical valentine, I’d probably pick Tobias Rhodes from Mariana Zapata’s “All Rhodes Lead Here”.

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For many years, my favorite fictional man has been Myron Bolitar, the main character in Harlan Coben’s old Myron Bolitar series.

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Elend Venture from Mistborn

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I have two that I think would be a great date.

  1. The character Pete Mondello in the “Witch City Mystery” series by Carol J. Perry.
  2. The Character Jesse Gault in the book “Outlaw In Paradise” by Patricia Gaffney.
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Snoopy would make a fun date. :grinning:

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Jamie MacGillivray : The Renegades Journey…just finished!

Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind

i’d be okay with either.