Friday Question #157 - TikTok Book Rec

Happy Friday, Readers!

What was the last book you read or purchased because of TikTok?

I consider myself too old to mess with TikTok, but I did google TikTok Book Recommendations. I picked Stolen by Lucy Christopher. It reminded me of how I feel about a lot of indie films - interesting stories with endings that don’t really feel like endings, leaving you slightly unsatisfied at the end. I can say though, as someone who raises camelids, the description of the stank from camel spit was spot on.


Hooked. I was not disappointed. :smile:

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I don’t Tik Tok, and no plan to be on it.

I don’t do TikTok; it’s another time suck that I’m trying to avoid!

I’m reading Crave (Crave, #1) by Tracy Wolff.

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