Friday Question #175 - Bookstores to Visit

Happy Friday!

What bookstore would you love to visit?

There are many bookstores near my place, only a few used books stores. So, normally I will buy books on Amazon… A few times a year, I will visit a local book store The Bookworks.

On my Bucket List is ‘Powell’s City of Books’ store in Portland, Oregon. Largest book store in the USA and may even be the largest new and used book store in the world. It occupies a whole city block and is several stories high. I’ll need several days there, maybe even a week. :grin: :books: :books:
I do love going to ‘Barnes & Noble’ book store and also buying online.
And going to our local used book store, ‘The Bookery’, I always find something.


When I travel one of the things on my list is to visit a local indie and buy at least one thing, hopefully a book. My favorites:
Washington DC - Loyalty Bookstore
Houston, TX - Brazos Bookstore, Murder by the Book and Kindred Stories
NYC - The Strand and Books of Wonder
San Diego - Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore (this place is a gem!)
Austin, TX - BookPeople
I’ll get to Powell’s in Portland, OR and Beastly Books in Santa Fe, NM one day!
I can’t wait to visit all the indies :slight_smile:

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The Ripped Bodice - they’re opening up a location in Brooklyn so I hope I’ll be able to visit one day!

Visiting the local bookstores in Daryaganj, Delhi, holds a special place in my heart. These small, independent bookstores have an enchanting charm that’s hard to replicate elsewhere. Allow me to share why I love frequenting these local gems.

First and foremost, these bookstores are a treasure trove of knowledge and stories. As I walk through their narrow aisles, I’m surrounded by stacks of books, each one whispering tales of adventure, wisdom, and imagination. The musty scent of old pages and the soft creaking of wooden shelves create an atmosphere that feels like stepping into a literary time capsule.

What’s truly remarkable about these local bookstores is the personal touch they bring to the book-buying experience. The booksellers are often passionate and knowledgeable about their collections, ready to recommend hidden gems or engage in spirited discussions about literature. It’s like having a trusted literary companion guiding you through the shelves.

The joy of discovering unexpected titles is unparalleled. Sometimes, I stumble upon rare editions or out-of-print books that have been waiting patiently for the right reader to come along. It’s a feeling of serendipity and excitement that keeps me coming back for more.

Moreover, these bookstores are a testament to the enduring love for physical books. In an age of digitalization, they stand as bastions of the printed word, reminding us of the tactile and sensory pleasure of flipping through pages and holding a real book in our hands.

And let’s not forget the delightful chaos of Daryaganj’s Sunday book market, where countless vendors line the streets with their makeshift stalls, offering a dizzying array of books at affordable prices. It’s a book lover’s paradise and a cultural institution that brings the community together to celebrate the written word.

In summary, the local bookstores in Daryaganj, Delhi, are more than just places to buy books; they are sanctuaries for the curious, havens for the literary soul, and gathering spots for like-minded individuals. They hold the power to ignite our imaginations, inspire our intellects, and connect us to the rich tapestry of human knowledge and creativity. It’s a privilege to visit these bookstores and be a part of this enduring tradition.