Friday Question #184 - Leaves on the cover

Happy Friday, Readers! (and happy almost first day of fall!)

Share a book with leaves on the cover :fallen_leaf:

Enjoyed this thoughtful memoir a while ago:

Soil: The Story of a Black Mother’s Garden / Camille T. Dungy

and this was a hilarious teen fiction audiobook:

Chloe and the Kaishao Boys / Mae Coyiuto

And this one was hard to put down:

All the Things We Don’t Talk About / Amy Feltman

Also I really enjoyed this calming “Monk and Robot” sci-fi series about an unlikely friendship between a nonbinary Monk wanting to take a break from their fellow humans and a friendly robot with an unending supply of questions by Becky Chambers:

A Psalm for the Wild-Built; A Prayer for the Crown-Shy


One well-known book with leaves on the cover is “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This classic novel tells the story of Mary Lennox, a spoiled and lonely girl who discovers a hidden, neglected garden on her uncle’s estate. As she works to restore the garden, she undergoes a transformation herself, finding healing and a renewed sense of purpose. The cover of various editions of “The Secret Garden” often features an illustration of leaves and vines, reflecting the central role of the garden in the story’s themes of growth and renewal.

My most recent finished read, Godkiller by Hannah Kaner




Read this recently and loved it! Highly recommended!

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