Friday Question #22: How do you organize your shelves?

Most of mine are ebooks at the moment. The others are packed in a box that I keep meaning to organize. Of course, that would mean I had to clear the junk that already occupies the bookshelf!

I have a nice little study/reading nook. Several bookshelves all very well organized by genre, author, and alphabetical order (with the exception of favorite authors). I have shelves on all walls, and working on building floor to ceiling shelves for more room.
I also have a nice relaxing reading recliner, and a vintage desk with nice build in shelves on the ends.

I currently have 3 bookcases lol & a slightly chaotic method right now. A TBR shelf or two, my favorite ARC’s, ARC’s, read older books inc sets by authors and horror shelves. But I know exactly where each book is on 14 shelves & my coffee table😂

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Mine are separated by fiction & non-fiction. Fiction is organized by author’s last name and non-fiction is organized by topic.

There is not really any organization. I try to put topics and series together, but in all reality I have way more books than bookshelf space.

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Mine are organized by subject like all cookbooks together, all fiction, etc. then once in their categories they are arranged by author then chronologically.

I’m in the process of consolidating my shelves and have been thinking of organizing my books into 2 categories–finished copies and ARCs–then organizing them alphabetically by Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. Originally I considered organizing the books by genre but a lot of the books overlap genres

I organize my book shelves by author last name. Makes it easy to find.