Friday Question #22: How do you organize your shelves?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

The BookishFirst team have been tackling some spring cleaning and reorganizing our bookshelves while we social distance.

How do you organize your shelves? By read/unread, genre, color, etc.


Mostly by the sizes of the books!

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Organized chaos. My books are placed where they are placed and there is no system of organization. But if you ask me where a specific book is, I can easily find it haha.


Hello…hope everyone is safe and healthy.

I organize my shelves by date read. That makes it easier to find a book if someone wants to borrow it. :slight_smile:

I do have one shelf and a round decorated tub for TBR books.

Thanks for the fun question.

Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews

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Since a majority of my books are digital copies, I maintain my “shelves” on Goodreads. I have at least 15 different shelves to organize my e-books. Some of them are: Read, Currently Reading, Want to Read, Giveaways, NetGalley, DNF, To Review after Pub., To Review on Amazon, BookishFirst Won, BookishFirst to Review.

I don’t keep too many physical copies of books unless they are complete sets (i.e. hardcopies of all Harry Potter, etc.) Otherwise, they get donated once I’ve read them.

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I try to organize my shelves by genre.

I might be a tad obsessive. My fiction shelves are first divided into read, unread that I purchased, and unread ARCs, and then each section is alphabetical by author. My nonfiction shelves are organized by topic, and then alphabetical by author. :upside_down_face:


I have several bookcases. Two are for read books organized by authors’ last names and one of unread books that is in utter chaos that I can just grab a book from.

Oh boy. I bet this will be unpopular. I don’t save books. I read them, then pass on to cousins and the books make the rounds amongst family then end up donated. I only have books I am reading, or waiting to read in my home. I have one coffee book on birds that I use to figure out which birds are at my feeders. I have always felt books should be shared.


Though I have donated most of my books the ones I have remaining are by genre. Religion/spiritual, mystery, history/politics, travel/world info, Psychological thrillers, books that have just touched my heart. I have a tub downstairs marked “to be read“:+1::hugs::books:

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I organize into 2 large groups: thrillers/mystery/suspense and non. Then in alphabetical order by author. Main shelves are replenished from other TBR shelves. I do not keep many read books. I usually recycle at a used bookstore or donate to library. I do keep just a few that are special to me.

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I change my shelves constantly! It calms my anxiety to just sit and organize my books. I only have TBR books because I sell/give away my read novels and organize them by “want to read first” or by genre.

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I organize my books as read and unread. I do try to only keep books that I love or enjoyed enough to want to reread and donate the books that didn’t appeal to me as much. Somehow I still have loads of books. And then all of my read books are organized by genre so I can find them more easily.

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I am way too Type A to organize my shelves in any way other than alphabetical by author’s last name :laughing:

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Alphabetical by the last name of the author

If it’s a semi large series it gets its own shelf. Other than that generally by binding and size.

I organize by author and by genre. Stay safe everyone! :heart_eyes:

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I love this tub idea for TBR’s! Thank you so much! This is really going to help me keep my ARCs organized!

This is beautiful<3 I absolutely love this.

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Glad you like the tub idea.

It is one of those old wash tubs, and we painted it. :blush:

Have fun.

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