Friday Question #32: Do you prefer to read at a certain time of day?

I read at various times, but I would say most often in the late afternoon or evening.

I read a variety of author’s, but do particularly like William Kent Krueger’s books and most books by Jodi Picoult.

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Before quarantine, I mostly liked to read before bed. Now, its free game! Recently, I have enjoyed reading in the morning with my coffee. I have tried to carry my book at around with me at all times, never know when you’re going to be waiting around!

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I always prefer to read in the evening until I want to go to sleep. I always seem to get more reading done compared to reading during the day.

There’s no such fixed time to read books though before I used to read a book before bedtime but now I grab a book whenever I get time

I like to read before bed, but then that ends up being several hours, and I go to bed late in the day!

I read whenever I can. I make an effort to read between 1:00 pm-6:00 pm.

I usually read with my morning coffee. I also read while I have lunch, mid-afternoon, in the evening and I relax with a book before bed. Actually, I always have a book handy so I I can grab a few minutes any time during the day I will read.

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I prefer to read close to my bedtime and on weekends. I often work until around 7 pm on weeknights so pesky work and adult duties gets in the way.

Definitely in the evening & late at night before bed, really helps decompress from screentime tho it does make me stay up a lil too late lots of times lol

I like to start my mornings off with a nice mug of coffee & a book. I like to end my day with a tea & a book :slight_smile: could always read to be honest

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I definitely prefer to read at night, however if I could spend all day reading I would love that just as much, if not more.

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I don’t have any set time, but I don’t think there is any evening when I don’t at least read for a while.

I usually read in the morning before getting out of bed and in the evening after dinner. Sometimes I have “read days” where I read pretty much all day.

Nope! If I feel like reading, I do it! The time of day doesn’t matter but I do tend to read more at night just because I have less to do then.

I read whenever I can

I like to read whenever I get a chance, but at night is usually when I can. Or if I am on the subway.

I read where I find the time to and at night

I read at night. Time to stop, wind down and relax. Sometimes at bedtime.

Right before I go to sleep!