Friday Question #32: Do you prefer to read at a certain time of day?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

Do you prefer to read at a certain time of day? We would love to know!


I don’t read at a certain time of day. I read whenever the feeling strikes me

No real preference, although I always have to read before bed :books:

I have several times. Very early – 4 a.m. while I’m on my bike trainer and cranking out 10 - 20 miles listening or reading. After breakfast for a few hours. And I listen to books while I do household chores and hobbies. Nothing after 1 p.m., except for maybe compiling notes for a review.

If I had my way, I’d read whenever, (that could be a lie though because on the weekends when I don’t work, I’m usually on my phone or doing something that’s not reading haha) but since I work, I usually read on my lunch break and then I’ll read at night. That’s usually when I get most of my reading done.

No preference but I typically read on my commute to and from work, on my lunch break and before bed.

Always before bed but if I am awake before everyone else in the house, I love early mornings too!

I mostly read at night once the kids are in their rooms winding down for the night or after their bedtime. It’s rare that i get a minute of peace to read during the day

I love to read first thing in the morning while I’m drinking my coffee.

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I’m trying to reserve a bit of time before bed to read, but I’ve been failing miserably. It’s my favorite way to wind down from the day.

Not really. If I’m awake and not driving or interacting with family, friends, or medical personnel (I have chronic health problems), then I’m reading!

I read whenever I get a few minutes any time of the day and always before I go to bed.

I usually read right before bedtime…it helps me relax, but if I can squeeze in a few minutes here to there, I try to take it

I’ll read in the late afternoon or evening but I try to make a point to read before bed to get screen glare off my face. Although my reading to get ready for bed seems to lead to a lot of one more chapter nights lol.


My favorite time of day to read is first thing in morning with a cup of coffee and it’s sad to put the book down before work or in the middle of the night when I keep saying JUST one more chapter.

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Not really…I can read at any time of the day.

I normally start reading right after lunch and quit just before dinner.

Whenever I have a spare moment. I keep a kindle in my purse at all times which is great instead carrying 3 books all the time because I don’t which book I want to open up.

Mornings, although leaving the house for work at 6:30am 5 days a week limits this opportunity.

I don’t necessarily have a preferred time. But lately in the summer heat, it’s been the cooler mornings and evenings when I can sit outside. And, of course, before bedtime.