Friday Question #33: Have you ever changed your opinion about a book?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

Sometimes you may love or hate a book whilst reading it, but after some thought or writing your review you may realize that’s not the case. Have you ever changed your opinion about a book? And, if so what books come to mind?

I was thinking fondly of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie recently, and when I went to check it out on Goodreads I saw that when I read it I gave it two stars. What! Not sure where that option changed, but apparently I didn’t enjoy reading it so much in the moment as I do having finished it.

I kept changing my mind while reading the divergent series and also the mortal instruments series

This happened to me with Mondays Not Coming!

This is an awesome question. I absolutely have before. It doesn’t always happen but it has. When I’m trying to write my review and I really sit down to think about why i felt how I felt and how do my own personal feelings shape that.

I find that I have upgraded my opinion of a book after discussing it with my book club group. Educated and The Trouble with Goats and Sheep are the first books that come to my mind.

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That happens - good point.

Thanks for sharing.

Oh yes…sometimes I start a book and think that I am not going to like it, but then it turns out to be good.

A few times, I am glad I didn’t give up.

Not usually! Probably have but don’t remember that I have

There are so many books that I read in my teens that I know I wouldn’t like right now and are probably very problematic. Tastes change over time and so do opinions, but I try not to reflect harshly on myself for having liked those books.

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I dont think I have. I may have and i just dont remember.