Friday Question #35: What is on your bookish bucket list?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

What is on your bookish bucket list? This could include intimidating books you want to read, book events you would like to attend, bookstores to visit, etc.

  1. To finish the top 100 must read classics
  2. To visit every independent bookstore in all 5 boroughs of NYC
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I’d love to visit The Ripped Bodice or Love’s Sweet Arrow one day.

To scan every book I own into a book cataloging app. It’s a VERY daunting task haha!

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To read Musashi by Eiji Yoshizawa, Shogun by James Clavell, and War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy.

To Read All of Agatha Christie’s books!


:open_mouth: What app do you use/recommend?

I’d like to attend a Rosamund Lupton event. Her events, of course, are in the UK, and I am in the US. So I doubt that it’s going to happen.

Another event I’d like to attend but won’t for the same reason is a Tana French event.

I have The Lost Book of the White by Cassandra Clare on my bucket list in September

I’m going to try one called “My Library” that has good reviews and a lot of people recommended to me! I had wanted to use Goodreads, but I’ve been using that for years and don’t want to risk adding a slew of duplicate books in different editions. It’s a decent app from what I’ve experienced so far!

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To finally read the some classics I keep putting off and to read the books I own instead of finding more.

I’ve been attempting the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge (trying to read every book mentioned in the show Gilmore Girls)

I would also like to read all books by Stephen King


To get through the entire Billy Boyle WWII mystery series by James Benn.

Anna Karenina by Tolstoy

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I have They Wish They Were Us on my current bookish bucket list.

Would love to get back to in person book festivals ! Soon…