Friday Question #36: Which genres would you like to read more?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

We all have our reading comfort zones and often find ourselves going back to books from our favorite genres because they bring us joy. But sometimes it’s fun to explore genres that you are less familiar with or don’t gravitate towards. Which genres would you like to read more?

I think more crime books,made up crimes or real crime stories. I love historical fiction but I have this year I have read more cozy stories,listened to more audio books and who done it books! I set a goal of 250 books to read,I hit that last week and it’s only July and I didn’t count audio books. So,if I have already hit 250 plus now,I reset the goal to 350.That’s what,100 more,don’t think it will take me any time to read 100 more. We will see and I’m honest with myself,no sense in lying to myself,I don’t count the books I don’t finish and I do in my reviews say it I finished or not,lol,there are some books I lose interest in or its just I don’t like it. Happy Safe Reading,Wear a Mask,it doesn’t cover your eyes!:mask::mask::mask:

My go to genre is mystery/suspense/crime thrillers. But I recently got turned on to romance/comedy (go figure.) The rom/com was a nice respite from the suspense/thriller grind that I’ve been subjecting myself to. So, I’d like to see more Rom/Coms.

I’ve never felt like any one genre is “my genre”–I gravitate toward literary fiction and fantasy, but I have a spectrum on my shelf in any given year, which will include mysteries, thrillers, memoir, nonfiction (usually not monographs, but every now & then…), sci-fi, historical fiction, romcom, poetry, and even the occasional bodice-ripper. I read books marketed to YA, teen and adult (and the occasional picture book). So if I actually wanted like to read a particular genre more, I probably would make the effort to do that without too much discomfort.

That square on the bingo card made me confused. I don’t consider anything really outside of my comfort zone where books are concerned. There are genres which hold no interest for me, but that’s not really the same thing.

I love young adult genre but I would love to be able to read more gay couple romantic stories like the red scrolls of magic by Cassandra Clare featuring two men who love each other and will do what ever it takes to be together no matter what others say about it

Gosh any and all! I read a lot of women’s fiction, mystery,thriller,psychological thriller, rom com, cozy mysteries, a few biography,a few Christian and self help, and a little paranormal mystery - ghosts only,not vampires and such, vampire stuff creeps me out😊 No books with too much sex, (don’t need instructions😂) don’t like too much violence & conspiracy. I just read if the cover catches my eye and the blurb looks good, doesn’t matter who the author is. I have run up on some really good never heard of before authors on NetGalley and here! Just keep 'em coming! We’re reading!

I read a lot of thrillers/mysteries but I also love historical fiction. While these are my favorites, I have also liked up some non-fiction books that cover time periods of interest. NetGalley has introduced me to a number of authors that I have never read before and my TBR pile is constantly growing. The only good thing about lockdown is that I have read more than ever.

I like to read a variety of genres. My favorite is cozy mystery. I also read historical fiction, Amish fiction, contemporary fiction, and Christian fiction. I also like to read paranormal cozy mysteries.

My favorite genre is historical fiction. I love to learn new things while being immersed in a great story. My other go to books are psychological thrillers, mysteries and memoirs.

This is something I would love to share with my fellow readers. Books are an immeasurable pleasure. Moving out from comfort zones for me means to read classics. Ever since I started reading classics, I got attracted to those books. So definitely I am going to read more classics.

That is great! I haven’t heard of Amish fiction…what is that?

I have been challenging myself to read more non-fiction since about 9 in 10 books that I’ve read fall in the fiction category. I’d like to learn more about the world, particularly science and history.

I really want to read more mystery and literary fiction! These two genres definitely intimidate me :grimacing::see_no_evil:

I love historical mysteries and fiction. I am also a thriller fan.

My reading preference is Women’s fiction and historical fiction. However, I do read a bit of Young Adult to keep up on what I should order for my high school library.

I love historical fiction the most. I also love true crime.

I really love Mystery and Thrillers. But I would like to read more horror books and historical fiction.

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I read Young Adult the most. Usually sci-fi, dystopian, utopian, fantasy, and other genres like that!

I want to find more mystery and thriller books that I like.