Friday Question #39: What are your favorite spooky reads? 😱

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

It’s officially Halloween season! We want to know:

What are your favorite spooky reads? These could be mystery, horror, paranormal, etc.


My favorite spooky genre is thrillers, specifically psychological thrillers. Some good ones are Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier, The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelids, The Companion by Katie Alender, and The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

Anything Stephen King…then again I’ll read King all year!


I love paranormal and horror, like Stephen King and Dean Koontz! Also love stories like Haunting of Hill House and Rosemary’s Baby! Bring on the scary!

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I know that I got scared reading the Exorcist, Pet Sematary, and Salem’s Lot. I haven’t been as scared since then.

I don’t read a whole lot of horror or spooky stuff, but I will say Devil in the White City was pretty dang creepy and a really good bit of history.

I loved the Companion! That was a really good psychological thriller.

Dawn Kurtagich does some great does some great creepy horror. I’ve only read And the Trees Crept In so far, but that book was pretty messed up, and I’m definitely going to read her other books. I’m trying to think of anything else scary I’ve read that’s stuck with me, but I’m drawing a blank.

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A few books come to mind: Mexican Gothic, The Forgotten Girl, and Dead Voices.

The Shadows by Alex North is definitely my most recent favorite spooky read but an old one that comes immediately to mind too with all the Stephen King mentions is The Dark Half. So gory, so creepy, so gooood.

I tend to like gothic reads like “We Have Always Lived in a Castle”, psychological/mystery thrillers like “And Then There Were None”, but I also like more traditional horror books like “NOS4A2”.

I love this time of year!

Frankenstein is 100% my favorite but I also love Stephen King novels for October, his writing style is just so up my alley.


I love the Pine Deep Trilogy by Jonathan Maberry. I like to put the audio book on like a soundtrack, especially in October.

I’ll go recent instead of classic & say both The Companion and Horrid were great spooky reads. The Cousins was great, too, but it had more of a summery feel.

The October Country by Ray Bradbury. It’s several short stories it’s a quick read but a good read. The stories aren’t blood and gore if that’s what you are looking for though.

I didn’t dig that one too much but I did like The Dead House.

The Shining is one of my all-time favorites. The Broken Girls was great too. I’m a sucker for anything with a ghost or haunted house.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

Psychological thrillers and haunted house books

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My favorite spooky reads this year are “In The Dark” by Loreth Anne White, & “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things” by Iain Reid! An all time favorite would be The Woman in Black by Susan Hill! The movie adaptation was pretty good but the book was definitely not one you’d wanna read in the dark.