Friday Question #4: How do you pick the perfect book to gift? 🎁

Happy Friday BookishFirst Readers! :wave:

Now that it’s December, we’re full of holiday spirit and can’t wait to spread our cheer. :snowman_with_snow::christmas_tree:


Since it’s the season for giving, we’d love to know if you’re planning to gift any books to your friends or family this year. :books: :gift: If so, how do you pick the perfect book to purchase for someone?

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I love gifting books to pretty much anyone I know. First, I always gift a used book. Recycling is important. And I always gift a book that they’re interested in. For example, I recently gave someone a book of poems because they love poetry. It’s pretty simple to know which books to give to who and if not, it’s best to ask them what their favorite genre is! That’s what I do anyway.
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I start asking my fellow book lovers for recommendations for myself and go based on the genres they recommend to me!

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When choosing a book for someone else, I consider what I know they like–fiction, biography, mystery, or whatever they enjoy. I like the idea someone else posted about giving a used book. That is an excellent idea too because it keeps a book circulating. A local helping organization has a book sale every even-numbered month. I frequently find books that look new there for myself and for gifts. I feel as if that is a two-gift idea since the money helps the organization help needy families and I get a good book to read myself or give!

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I like giving used books/giveaway wins or gift cards. I try to give each person a book based around a topic they love, cookbooks, fiction, bio or other. I use bookoutlet a lot which is full of cheap but great gift ideas!

I try to stick with books that will be read over and over: really really good fiction, nonfiction reference books, coffee table books with gorgeous pictures, etc.

I definitely feel that kids are muuuuuch easier to gift books to, so I usually always buy at least one or two books for the kids on my list. Adults are a little harder. If I gift a book, it’s usually because I know the person is interested in a certain topic, or that they have spoken about wanting to learn more about XYZ. This is where gift cards to your local indie bookstore is the way to go, in my opinion. I’d much rather receive a gift card to a bookstore than have someone pick out a book for me, unless it’s something super-special or really specific. (I’ll never turn any book away though!)

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I pick the perfect book to gift for a person by:

·getting books from their favorite author

·special editions of their favorite books

·selecting books from their favorite genre

·reading reviews of people with similar taste to the gifter

·or they flat out tell me they want a book that’s releasing soon lol😂

I like to give books that I’ve already read and think people will enjoy. I try to include a hand written note with the book as well just to personalize it a bit.

Go with a topic that they like…If they are into sports…then a book on their favorite team etc etc. If it’s a bit harder than just picking a genre then gift a gift card for a specific bookstore…Barnes and Noble or if you don’t like big chain bookstores…or maybe the person is into recycling…a gift card for a used book store.

When it comes to gifting, since it is only my mom and myself, I usually get her what she asks for. She likes to read, but doesn’t have a broad range of books she likes as she hasn’t read the ones she has. I’m the bookworm of the family with BOXES of them! When it comes to my list, she usually has me leave it in the Amazon cart and then buys it from there since we share an account. :books: :gift:

I always give used books because I work at the used bookstore at my library. Use Books I give almost always look brand new. :gift:

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I pick a book by their favorite author

I try to listen to hubby or kids when we go to the bookstore and see what they are oohing and aaahing over. Sometimes I have to preorder a book they are wanting so I print the bookcover out and put it in a box with some of their favorite candy.

Often I gift a used book when I stumble upon one while shopping for myself. I’ll either give it ‘just because’ or save it for an upcoming occasion. I keep vintage bridal books (Bride’s First Cookbook, Bride’s Guide to Homekeeping, etc) on hand for engagement parties and showers. I’ve given vintage regional Boy Scout books to friends who are troop leaders.