Friday Question #47: Do you collect multiple copies of the same book?

It depends on the book. Sometimes it’s a case of “did I already get this one or was I just thinking about getting it” others it’s a direct choice - copies of LOTR from the 70s; copies from when I first read them; and of course a leatherbound gilt edged version, for example.

not usually but if i already own a book & one with a new cover that i really really really love comes out, i might pick it up! but that’s very rare!

I rarely buy multiple copies of a book unless I’m buying another copy to replace my old one. However, I would love to buy the special editions of novels that I love!

No, I never have but I could see wanting to especially if it’s a limited edition, set, etc.

Absolutely! Especially some of my favorites. I will collect different versions, editions, HC, PB, etc.