Friday Question #54: Do you watch BookToks?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

This week, we want to know: Do you watch BookToks or book-related videos on TikTok?

ICYMI: In this week’s newsletter, we shared that BookishFirst is now on TikTok!

Not on TikTok but I watch them when they make their way to bookstagram


Never used tiktok before.

Same! I don’t think I could handle another social media account rn and I even just deactivated my facebook :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I only have facebook to face time my oldest daughter since that’s the only social media she’s allowed to have right now (she’s a teenager :joy:). Other than that, I can’t keep up with anything else. It’s all too much lol

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Only got tiktok finally this last fall or winter after too much downtime and boredom lol - and yes I see a lot of booktoks! I don’t subscribe but they come up on my for you page all the time!

Yes! I love BookTok! I have my own account that I post bookish videos on as well. The community is so much fun there.

Never heard of book tiktoks

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I’ve never used TickTock and probably never well. All this online business is getting to be too much

Same here. I’d honestly never heard of them before.

never heard of BookToks and don’t know how to access TikTok…not that I would ever be interested in either of those two

Hi everyone, I am new here. I have never watch BookToks, probably it is time to do that.

Nope. I only stick to bookstagram and will occasionally see a Booktok when a bookstagramer or author share them.

Yeah. It’s helped me find a ton of great books I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise!


Yes! It allows me to find more people that like to read and some of the content creators out there in Booktok are really funny! I’ve even found some authors from Booktoks and I find it a comfortable place to be in.