Friday Question #65: Do you have any tricks for making time for reading?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

Do you have any tricks for making more time for reading? With the length of our TBR pile, we could use some help!

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My trick would be to combine reading with other things in your day. For example, I like to read while eating or listen to an audiobook while working out, cleaning, or driving.


Multi-tasking. Listen to an audiobook while doing chores. Also read a digital book while on your bike trainer/stationary bike. Then on your leisure time, read a physical book. You can possibly have three books going at the same time using the above method. This way, you just might be able to finish all three books within a couple of days of each other.


My number one way that I fit in more reading time: Who needs sleep???


I do a couple of chores, read a chapter. Do a couple more chores, read another chapter, etc. It’s a good trade off for me.


I try to listen to audiobooks as much as possible! I will also leave my phone in another room if I am reading a print book because I need less distractions.

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Although it took me a long time to like audiobooks, I can read while I mow the lawn, answer emails, clean, or prep dinner.

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When I have much time, like during my off days or school break, I would spend hours reading… During my work week, I would TRY to read at least a chapter before I snooze, even if I have to stay up late…You snooze, you loose.

I love taking my tiny white kindle everywhere. Any unexpected time I get on the side, it’s there waiting for me! Best invention ever. I call it my “purse book”. Because I read it in such short little bursts, it takes about a month or more to finish but love having a little side book at all times!

My trick is attempting to read on my days off of work or possibly before falling asleep

I second audiobooks! Especially when you’re doing things you need to make time for anyway, like cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry.

I also have found it really helpful to read books from multiple genres at once. For example, I typically don’t want to read heavy nonfiction first thing in the morning, but I can easily enjoy a few pages of a romance or fiction title then. If I have a little time to read over lunch, I prefer a nonfiction title I can dip into and back out of. I’m a mood reader so maybe this wouldn’t make a difference for others, but I find that sometimes I do want to read, I just don’t want to read the title I last picked up… so I switch it up!