Friday Question #75: Not Your Typical Beach Read

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

While enjoying a book and the sunshine, have you ever found yourself suddenly transported to a very different setting? Maybe a dark alley in London, a space station, or a snowy mountain top?


Yes, the first book that comes to my mind is The Next Everest By Jim Davidson. It transported me to a very cold snow mountain aka Everest!

I am transported to every setting in a book if it’s a great book! For instance, I’m reading A Lady in Attendance by Rachel Fordham and feel as if I’m in the dentist’s office with her.

I am currently reading a book that takes place in an 1800s Korean setting! So, yes, I am constantly being sent to mountains and little villages!

Yes! Books often take me places outside my physical location.

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Yes, I have been transported to the Isle of Palms, a camp in Northern Michigan and the Dewees Island. God bless you.

Yes. I just finished reading THE LOST MAN by Jane Harper, and I could feel the wide-open spaces and extreme heat of the Australian Outback.

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every time I pickup a book…this week I’m in London in 1942

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