Friday Question #77: A genre you'd like to read more?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

As avid readers, we all have our go-to genres, but do you have a genre you’d like to start reading more of?

Yes, I always have my go-to genres which are normally fantasy or thriller but I would like to start reading more Historical and Nonfiction books like memoirs.

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I usually read YA fantasies and dystopias, but I want to read more historical fiction and/or contemporary!

Psychological thrillers are my favorites! I have read so many. I am trying to mix it up now with contemporary fiction and historical fiction.

I love to read cozy mysteries, woman’s fiction, and mysteries.

My go to genres are fantasy, supernatural/paranormal, and romance.

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my current go-to is historical fiction, but I’d like to read more memoirs

Definitely thrillers - with a side of chick-lit to decompress…