Friday Question #92 - Paranormal Books

Vampires & werewolves & witches, oh my! :vampire::wolf::woman_mage:

What’s your favorite paranormal being to read about? Tell us your favorite paranormal book too!


I like a good ghost story


It’s so hard to choose! Probably just good old vampires to be honest! :vampire:t3:

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Discovery of Witches

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I’ve always disliked ridiculous books and tv shows. That’s why I dislike paranormal books and the Three Stooges. When I read a thriller that has even a little supernatural in it, that spoils the book for me.

I like ghost stories, especially with haunted houses.

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Vampires. I’m gonna go with that one.

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Ghosts, demons & vampires, the old school scary ones, are my favorite. Love good horror stories, year round for me!

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Vampires- black dagger brotherhood series by JR Ward

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I love werewolves the most! Vampires are a strong second. Usually, my favorite paranormal book is the one I most recently read – so right now it’s Squad by Maggie Tokuda Hall and Lisa Sterle