Friday Question #94 - Character With Your Name

Happy Friday, Readers!

Have you ever read a book that featured a character with your name? If so, what was it?

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Actually is was a play by August Strindberg, “Miss Julie.”


The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver was the first book I read with the name of April as a character.


I think the closest I’ve seen to my name is Halle in What I Like About You by Marisa Kanter!

I was actually named after a book that my mom read when she was 10. It’s called “The Courage of Bethea” and is about a young woman who is attending one of the first women’s colleges.

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I have never read a book that had a main or secondary character with my name. :frowning_face:

Yes, Beth in Little Women.

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Only once, that I can remember, but it was spelled differently. I believe it was Danielle Steel.

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Wow, that’s so cool!

Rebecca :frowning:
Not the best character to share a name with…

I’ve read several books with a character named Vivian, none were a woman of color like me until I read Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory. The main female character is named Vivian Forest. (And thankfully she isn’t called Vivi, I absolutely hate that nickname!)

The main character (Shannon Hammer) in one of my favorite series–Fixer-Upper Mysteries by Kate Carlisle–shares my first name. At one point, I saw a character that had my full name, but sadly, I can’t remember the book!

So many books with a character named Susan, I don’t pay any attention any more. But Kyle Mills used to write a series with a character named Mark Beamon. So cool to find a character with my last name, spelled my way.

No, I have not read a book with my name in it.

Unfortunately, NO…my name is not very common but if anyone knows a character from a book or movie (not the 12 dancing princesses either) with the name ASHLYN please let me know would love to read that book just for the namesake. Lol.

Not that I can think of. It’s a common name though. But it’s Katie, not any shortened to that. I’ve read Kathryn but not my name. Lol if anyone can think of a spicy book w/ it, that’d be awesome!