Has anyone gotten The Godmothers yet?

Anxiously waiting, but it has been a month since the estimated ship date.


not yet, i emailed bookishfirst a week ago and they said they were going to reach out to the publishers. that’s all i’ve heard

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Same as Victoria_V, I emailed bookish first and they said they’d reach out to the publisher.

Still waiting, as well! Definitely glad I’m not the only one, though, as terrible as that sounds

No I’ve contacted BookishFirst for their help, and asked for a tracking number. The publisher apparently sends it directly to us, so they won’t provide a tracking number, which is a bit frustrating.

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Nope, it has not arrived. Fingers-crossed that it arrives, someday.


Still waiting for The Godmothers also. Publication date says September so hopefully will ship in time to read and review.

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I’m also still waiting for The Godmothers to arrive!

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I’d recommend joining Informed delivery via USPS and UPS My Choice. Anything scanned going to your address automatically shows up on either account depending on who is delivering it. It’s quite helpful. It’s easier to keep track of potential bookmail that way too.

Yes, I’m still waiting on this one as well.

I’m also still waiting for my hard copy of “The Godmothers”. I used my bonus points, so I thought that might have caused the delay, apparently not.
Looks like a good read. Hoping we all receive our copies soon!

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if it never shows up before the publishing date, do you think i can get my points back because i claimed a copy

As long as you still get the book at all, I doubt it, since the points are meant to give you a free copy of a book. Getting it in advance of the publish date is just a nice bonus. I saw one book recently that didn’t ship until the publication date, so there would be absolutely no hope of getting that one in time, but you could still use points for that.

But you still have over two months, so need to stress yet! I contacted BookishFirst last week about this, and they said the publisher had just shipped them, so we should see them very soon.

I just got my copy today. I’m in KS

Just got mine in NYC!

looks like mine arrived yesterday in FL. thank you!

I received my copy yesterday!

The book, The Godmothers, has arrived this afternoon.

Got mine a couple days ago.