Has your opinion changed dramatically

Curious as to whether anyone has varied significantly on their rating of a book from First Glimpse to conclusion. The First Glimpses that I have rated 5 stars haven’t disappointed me yet.


This is such a great question! We’d love to hear about everyone’s reading experience from excerpt to full book.

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This is an awesome question. So far the lowest I’ve given to any Bookish First reads is for one book and that was American Homemaker. The rest…even if I 3 starred it were all still enjoyable reads.

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I took a look back at my First Glimpse ratings and compared to my final ratings, and the most I deviated with one star either way.

Yes! I was seriously disappointed in The Queen’s Assassin. I used my points to claim it and the first look was so good! But it was rough to get through and ended up being really predictable. But, for the most part, books I’ve read from here have been really great! I just received Hollywood Park today and I’m excited to read it.

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Oh that is a total bummer, particularly because you used your precious points for the book. I just received my copy of Hollywood Park too and can’t wait to dive in.

Most of the time I’m sure if I will love the book or not by reading first two chapters. Only few books that has slow building and pace are the one I’m not sure about and in that case my opinion changes. Sometimes, the end turns out unsatisfactory in that case too my opinion changes. I recently read The Twin by Natasha Preston. At first I was going to rate it 5 stars as it was compelling, thrilling and creepy but the end ruined it. I was not satisfied with the end and I rated it 3.5 stars.

I’m the same way - I only request books if I think I’m going to love them because, let’s face it, life is too short to read books you don’t like! I would also agree with you that you can usually tell within the first couple of chapters whether you are going to like the writing style and storyline.

I think I rated a book lower than its original impression only once or twice. Otherwise, I’ve had good experiences with the books I’ve read from here.

So far, I’ve only had one opinion change drastically after reading the book. The preview for The Only Good Indians captivated me but the story seemed to drag on. The best part was the ending!

Was the ending the best because it meant it was over? :joy: I hope the wrap for it made it worth sticking with it all that time

I thought the Best Laid Plans would be good from first impression, and I enjoyed the book once it was published. I used my points on The Safe Place, and I enjoyed the book as well. I rated it the same. One Day You’ll Burn was a little bit slower than I expected it to be, but I still rated it the same as the first look. The Queen’s Assassin was ok. The other two that I won I haven’t read yet, and I don’t think I’ve read any of my other first looks once they were published.

Lol a little bit! It was when the story finally started going somewhere. Overall it was a good story but Lord was it wordy

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Good for you for sticking with it! I sometimes get impatient and move on.