Inquiring Minds Want to Know

What do you do for a living or are you retired? How do you find time to read as much as you do? Last but not least, what is the average number of books that you read per month and do you post written reviews for all of them?

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I’m a software & email QA, and most of my time for reading is while commuting, waking up early, evenings at home, lunch break… basically any time I can get. ^.^ The time is there for me since reading is a priority in my life! I love it. Lately I’ve been reading 10-15 books a month, though this time last year it was more like 5-8.

In COVID times, my reading time has been all the time since I’m at home a lot more, too, so there’s that of course. How about you? And who are these curious minds? ^.^

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I’m not working anymore so I get to read whenever I want. So, I’m averaging about 15 books per month, but it’s probably going to change because I need to get cracking on some craft projects.

I post reviews for all ARCs and most of the published books. In the beginning, however, I just used to post star ratings on the published books that I’ve read.

I’m a forensic scientist for a crime lab by day. I usually read on my commute, during lunch and before bed. Before this whole pandemic I was averaging 2-4 books a month but in the last couple months I’ve been reading 6-8 on average. I’ve been an avid reader and Goodreads member for almost 10 years but only recently started reviewing everything I’ve read. Before I used to just give star ratings and only left brief reviews on books I had strong feelings about.

@infairverona Very interesting occupation! Does your occupation influence the types of books the you read? Like you, I just used to give star ratings. At least now I get to exercise my brain by writing reviews.

@cyamagata I love crime and psychological thrillers and mysteries but I don’t know if that’s necessarily because of my occupation or if that’s just who I am because I’ve loved those genres and wanted to be a forensic scientist for the same of amount of years I think so who knows what influenced what! :sweat_smile:

I agree it’s very good exercise for the brain and I also feel like I remember details of the books I’ve read for longer periods of time now when I’ve written a review on it because I put that extra thought into how I felt about everything.

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I work in quality control at a plant. I usually listen to audiobooks on the way to work and going home and sometimes also while doing my paperwork. I often read in the hour for my lunch break and, since I eat breakfast and sometimes dinner by myself, I usually read then too. And then before going to sleep a little.

I usually read 4-10 books a month but since this covid stuff started, I’ve been making masks before and after work for several hours so that’s put a damper on most of my reading. Right now, I’m happy when I finish one or two a month. I miss reading more and will be slowing down with the mask making to focus more on myself again. It’s exhausting doing that for 3-4 hours a day on top of a 50 hour work week.

I try to write reviews for all my books but don’t always if it’s not an ARC.