Judge’s Girls question

Hello, has anyone received their copy of Judge’s Girls?

I’m still waiting for my copy.

Same here! Hope they ship it soon.

I just received mine yesterday!

No, I haven’t received mine yet. I’m a little worried it won’t be here in time for the release date.

I contacted BF and they said the publisher said it shipped October 1st. I’m thinking they maybe actually shipped a few days after that, so hopefully we will all get ours soon! To those who have received it— did it come UPS or USPS?

I received mine on OCT 13th. I believe it was from UPS.

Got my copy today!!!

Got mine today- it shipped on 9/30!

Got mine on 10/13 via USPS! :grin:. Thanks everyone!

I received mine on the 10th! I hope you all get yours soon. :slight_smile:

I finally got mine on the 13th as well.

I got mine on 10/14 USPS

I received mine on the 13th by USPS! It is really good so far!