July 2024 Bookish Bingo 🤩

Challenge your TBR with the July Bookish Bingo Board!

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July Bookish Bingo prompts: Published in July, Set during a holiday, Co-written, Title includes a gemstone or metal, Historical fiction set outside Europe, Closed eyes on the cover, Month in Title, Includes an epilogue, Outer space, Characters go swimming, Time in the title, Night scene on cover, Free space, Blue spine, Friend recommended, Sewing featured, Audiobook over 10 hours, Published 5+ years ago, Character goes by a nickname, Set on a farm, Start a new series, Teenage protagonist, Tattoo on the cover, Survival story, Title begins with J


Here’s an Instagram Story size and square size


Thank you sooooo much for sharing the square version! I use an 8x8 bujo as a reading journal and it’s perfect. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi vvena - Just wanted to let you know that you posted your June bingo card in the July thread.

Whoops thanks for telling me

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Bingo! I think this might be the fastest I’ve ever gotten a bingo!

sewing-related: I Love You So Much It’s Killing Us Both - Mariah Stovall (there are a few different scenes in which characters sew)
audiobook over ten hours: Fruit of the Dead - Rachel Lyon (just over ten hours)
published 5+ years ago: Interview with the Vampire - Anne Rice (published 48 years ago)
character goes by nickname: Blue Ruin - Hari Kunzru (MC goes by Jay but his real name is Jason)
set on a farm: The Husbands - Holly Gramazio (bit of a stretch here, but a fair bit of the first half of the book is leading up to a wedding on a farm, & the fact that it’s on a farm is weirdly relevant to the plot, & is brought up repeatedly through the rest of the book)

some interesting prompts this time! happy reading, everybody –

  1. Published in July - Temple Folk / Aaliyah Bilal
  2. Set during a holiday - Didn’t Nobody Give a Shit What Happened to Carlotta / James Hannahan
  3. Co-written
  4. Title includes a gemstone or metal - Silver Nitrate / Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  5. Historical fiction set outside Europe

  1. Closed eyes on the cover - Abstract City / Christoph Niemann
  2. Month in Title - Julio’s Day / Gilbert Hernandez
  3. Includes an epilogue
  4. Outer space
  5. Characters go swimming - Devil is Fine / John Vercher

  1. Time in the title
  2. Night scene on cover
  3. Free space
  4. Blue spine - Scattered Showers / Rainbow Rowell
  5. Friend recommended

  1. Sewing featured
  2. Audiobook over 10 hours
  3. Published 5+ years ago
  4. Character goes by a nickname - The Other Wes Moore / Wes Moore
  5. Set on a farm

  1. Start a new series
  2. Teenage protagonist
  3. Tattoo on the cover
  4. Survival story
  5. Title begins with J - Jane / Aline Brosh McKenna

Co-written- Tangled Up In You by Christina Lauren
Includes An Epilogue- Reckless by Lauren Roberts
Free Space- Bad Girl Reputation by Elle Kennedy
Published 5+ Years Ago- Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
Tattoo On The Cover- Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy

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Sewing featured: Orphan Train
Audiobook over 10 hours: A Fever in the Heartland
Published 5+ years ago: Mustard Seed
Character goes by a nickname: Like Mother Like Daughter
Set on a farm: Go as a River

Time in the title: Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire
Night scene on cover: Prince of the Palisades by Julian Winters
Free Space: Penance by Eliza Clark
Blue Spine: Less by Andrew Sean Greer
Friend Recommended: Sheine Lende by Darcie Little Badger