July Bookish Bingo 🌴

Are you ready for another round of Bookish Bingo? Join us in July and conquer your TBR!

Click here to read the rules and download your Bookish bingo card below. Make sure you share your progress with us by using #BookishBingo on social media. Let us know what books you’re reading for each prompt below!

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BookishFirst Bingo Boards (8)

For the “Ask for a rec in the BookishFirst Forum” prompt, check out this topic set up by @cstrong555 for a book rec from a fellow reader!

Thank you to @cstrong555, @dennis, and @roseannelschmidt for suggesting prompts for this board! Have an idea for a future board? Share it here.


I did it!

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What a fantastic reading month! You might even be able to clear the board if you keep reading in this volume.

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2 more books to bingo!

WOW! Such a great reading month. And you’re so close to clearing the board.

Bingo with a week to spare in the month for the first time!!! Gonna try and squeeze Savage Legion and maybe possibly Suicide House on there before the month is up though :crossed_fingers:t4: :crossed_fingers:t4:

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Congrats on your bingo! So many BookishFirst reads this month too :tada:

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First bookish bingo :partying_face:

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Should be Adapted: Murder in the Lincoln White House (C.M. Gleason)
Gold Letters: Rules of the Discourse of the Mind (Renee Descartes)
Up Late: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (Gail Honeyman)
Looked Forward To: The House of Kennedy (James Patterson)
“Bookish”: Debbie Doesn’t Do It Anymore (Walter Mosley)

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Excited to have achieved a bookish bingo this month! I need to read more diversely next month.

Updated bingo board! Got to Savage Legion but probs will end up finishing The Suicide House tomorrow unfortunately.

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Closest I’ve ever gotten to clearing the board. Maybe it will happen in August.

My first time doing bookish bingo! I received 2 bingos ! It’s not letting me share out the image.

Not my best reading month, but I managed a bingo.