Looking for answers to a few questions

So I’m new to this and I’ve looked about but I’m struggling to understand things.

  1. What do I ‘do’?
  2. What are points?

Any other pointers people have I’d be so thankful for (also if you have questions, feel free to reply to this with them and if people just answer what they can and things) :grin:

You read the first look of the week’s raffle book if you are interested and write a first impression. You are then entered into the raffle for that book unless you choose not to. You get 100 points for writing a first impression. If you win a book you read it and review it you get a hundred points for sharing the review on here and a hundred points each for sharing it on the social media platform of your choice. You can get the most by sharing the review to Amazon but you have to wait until the book is published to do so. After you have saved up two thousand points you can use them towards a book from one of the weekly raffles if there are any copies left to claim with points. Hope this was helpful. Happy reading.

It looks like Shelly already covered everything perfectly! If you have any other questions, this is the place to ask…people here are very helpful!

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