Lots of Questions

  1. What’s your favorite book that you would like to re-read as it was your first time?
  2. When reading books, what type of notes do you take? Quotes?
  3. Which book taught you a lot about the world, that changed your thinking?
  4. Who is your favorite author?
  5. How are you doing during this time? Are you safe?

Here are my responses:

  1. Working by Studs Terkel
  2. Notes include emotions, characters, some quotes, prompts about the storyline.
  3. Hmm. Tough one. But I think it was Roots
  4. Favorite author – quite a few. But I would say that James Patterson and Preston&Child are my top two being that I’m still reading their series.
  5. Safe and sound. Lucky I’m an introvert and can just be content reading.
  1. I actually never re-read, but would probably re-read books by Bette Lee Crosby because they are so uplifting and heartwarming.
  2. I don’t take notes, but I do write my review as I read so it it pretty much done when I’ve finished with the book.
  3. Hmmmm…Not sure I can name a book for that question.
  4. Oh my…I have a ton - I’ll go with historical fiction authors.
  5. Yes…thankfully everyone here is well.

Great questions…thanks.

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  1. AN ELEGANT DEFENSE by Matt Richtel, which I read almost exactly a year ago, because its discussion of the immune system is so important to today’s pandemic.