Next Week's ARC's

I think that I won’t use my points and just raffle and pray i get one LOL. I can’t decide still.

I’m SO excited for Every Last Fear and We Thought We Knew You!! I’m listening to the second author’s podcast “Paper Ghosts” right now and loving it!

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I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but clearly I’m missing out.

I am very interested in Every Last Fear. Waited until 11am to claim my points and no more get it now copies :frowning:

When I came on at 8 am it was already gone. I meant to come on earlier than that but today was the first day of in person school and this house was mayhem lol.

Me too. I had to work and when I got around to doing it, it was gone by then. Oh well, Maybe I will win it!

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I read Every Last Fear in July and it was absolutely amazing! If you’re still considering if you should use points on it I definitely would, and I did end up using mine on We Thought We Knew You.

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Fingers crossed! Yea I was absolutely too swamped to stay up until midnight to snag any copies. I’m not about that life anymore lol

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I used mine on the same! I missed out on Every Last Fear and after debating I didn’t want to miss out on any so i just went ahead and did it.

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I completely understand being so busy to not stay up. I had set an alarm at like 11:55 so that I could claim Fairy Godmothers Inc and ended up sleeping though it :see_no_evil: But, luckly when I woke up around 7, I was still able to claim it. I guess more people wanted to claim Every Last Fear and We Thought We Knew You.


Usually I’m interested in just one if there are multiple books up for grabs…but this time it was hard . I loved that Fairy Godmothers Inc comes with a little fairy dust lol.

I tried to claim EVERY LAST FEAR with my points on Monday morning but none were available.

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That one has a lot of hype attached to it. I hope that when i finally get to read it i love it as much as everyone else seems to