Pick 3! YA Books Edition

You can only PICK THREE of these BookishFirst Young Adult Novels! Which are you keeping and why?


The Belles, Frankly In Love, Woven In Moonlight since I feel like I could probably reread those the most :slight_smile:

the belles, the gilded wolves, and furyborn

Darius the Great is not okay, Gilded Wolves, and Woven in Moonlight

The Belles, Furyborn and Woven in Moonlight!

Woven in Moonlight, Four Dead Queens, and Wilder Girls.

The Darkest Star, The Belles, and The Gilded Wolves. I haven’t read them and I very much want to.

Furyborn, Woven In Moonlight, and the Belles

Furyborn, Frankly in Love, and The Belles