Poll: Would you participate in a readathon in the Forum?

Would you be interested in participating in a readathon or virtual book club activity here in the Forum?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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In the comments below, feel free to explain your answer!


I believe it would be a challenge and enjoyable.

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I need something focused to do instead of feeling so scattered waiting on my school admin to tell us what will be happening with my classes.


I’m always up for a readathon and although I’m reading, I need something to keep me away from over-eating and binge-watching movies and TV shows. My self-control seems to have left with the onset of the quarantine orders!


Could be fun, depending on the book(s)!

It would depend of the books selected.

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I’m in quarantine, so the connection to others would be helpful. It would also depend on the topic


I think a readathon might be easier because we can read whatever we want because we may not have the same taste.


A readathon would be fun if people really participate. I am retired and public interaction is limited, so a virtual readathon would allow me to interact with others of like mind.

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It all depends if I’m reading a book at the moment. And if I’m super glued to the book. Otherwise I’d be more than happy to try it out!

Yes, I would. I will join the Readathon or the virtual book club.I will read whatever book it is. I basically read anything I can get my hands on no matter the topic. Lol. Sounds like fun.

Focusing on reading is difficult right now, but a readathon would be great motivation to sit down with a book and focus. Builds a great sense of community.

It would depend on the book selected, but I’m interested.

I would participate in a readathon but it would depend on how it was structured. If you are talking setting aside a certain amount of time for reading and maybe checking in throughout that time with questions and prompts that reflect what everyone is reading I would participate. If it is to read a certain book and I did not like the subject matter or genre I probably would not participate.

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I guess I would participate. Sounded like a good idea at first until I realized that it depends on the format. Like any “marathon,” it needs to have a goal – be it “X” number of pages for “X” number of months, or “X” number of books like the RIF Summer Reading Challenge of 20 books from June to Sept. Or it could be any # of books till the end of the year.

I would have to give up a couple of other things that I enjoy, but I would do a readathon. I think it would be a great way to set an example for my students.