Publication date

Hi! The email said that chain of gold reviews should be posted today, Amazon included, but Amazon is listing the pub date as tomorrow and not letting reviews post

I dont know if anyone else is worried haha but i just worry after that one book was sent out apparently after it’s pub date so review points didn’t count. Will send that all over tomorrow then!

I’m having the same question about the review for Best Laid Plans. Amazon and Barnes and Noble say it doesn’t come out till tomorrow, so I can’t post my review till tomorrow, so no bonus points then?

Hi Lisa, the 300 bonus points for posting a review to Amazon counts for up to seven days after publication.

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@bookishfirst_team I went to try and post my review for The Orphan Collector on Amazon but the site is saying the publication date isn’t until next week August 4th which is past the 7 day mark so I’m wondering if the date will be updated here so that it’ll still count for the extra 300 points when we are able to share our review then?

Thank you!

Hi there, Thank you for pointing this out. We have now updated the book in our system to honor the book’s new publication date of August 4th.