Question about sharing reviews

I am fairly new to the site, and just wrote a review and shared it in a few places online. When I go to submit the links to the places I shared, the first thing asked for is the title of my review. Many of the places I share reviews don’t let the writer create a title…what should I put in that space on the form? (This time, I just used the name of the site, ie Goodreads, Bookbub.) I appreciate any feedback!

Also, aside from the obvious/major sites, what are some other good places to share reviews?

Thank you!

I use my user name and the name of the book. For example on Goodreads I would write “Sasha Carpenter’s Reviews > Book Title” since that is what they see right at the top of the page.

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I am not sure if this is right or wrong but I just put the title I use for websites where a title is required. I’m sure you can also just put the title at the top of your review too.

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I have a lot of sites that I crosspost reviews to. Here are a few:

  • LibraryThing
  • BookBub
  • The Storygraph
  • Google Books
  • my library’s site
  • a facebook reading group I’m part of

I write “untitled by [whatever my user name is on that site].”

There are many good suggestions already, but you can always make your first line of your review sort of like a longer title.

What is the Facebook group? If they’re accepting new members, I’d love to join!

Also, how do you get a direct link to your book on Google books? I posted one there, but can’t figure out how to get the link. Thanks!

It’s based on a Goodreads group called Book Chat, so you can join there and then grab the FB link to correspond. :slight_smile:

For Google, I just link to the review page for the book because as far as I can tell, the URL you use when signed in will always show yours at the top, AND ALSO there’s no way to actually get a direct link based on my searching. BF hasn’t messaged me to say there was an issue with any of the links, so I assume it’s working!

There’s also this article from BF mentioning some other popular communities users link to.

As far as the ones that don’t let you title it (Goodreads, BookBub - places like that), I honestly just put the book’s title in the “form” space here (this week’s book would be “Mona Passage”, so if I reviewed it, that’s the title I use). That’s basically the title of the review for that site and it’s worked for me since I started here over 2 years ago (2/18/2019). Haven’t had a problem doing that at all. Always got my points.

I’ve posted to Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble (unless those were the major ones you were talking about) - usually wherever the book is sold online works. Books-A-Million, even ChristianBook work. I do have my own blog as well.

I’ve posted to some of those you mentioned, but couldn’t find a way to get a link to my review. Will BookishFirst accept it without a direct link?

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Went to reply and it posted, lol! With Target for example, I just used the product link. So, my title for review was the title of the book: STOP MISSING YOUR LIFE. I used the product link (as shown). What’s interesting, I am still only 1 of 2 reviews there, and this book was released 4 months ago. I got my 100 points no problem. I think BookishFirst knows some sites won’t give direct links. And, that’s okay. I think they want a link to see if you’ve listed a review. I use the same user name all over for that reason. They can see this link, scroll, see review, good to go in case of a dispute.

Stop Missing Your Life



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Mar 13 2020

Another place you can post reviews:

It’s a group JUST for reviews! And you can get a direct link by clicking on the little time stamp under your name on the post. Enjoy!

Was trying to “UPDATE” my post without replying to myself … but here goes …

UPDATE: Between my reply on this thread (7/20/2021) and today (10/24/2021) - the review has been removed from Target’s website.

For a lark, I went to check the book to see if anyone else has reviewed it since it only had two (2) reviews even as of three (3) months ago. My last reply said I was one of two. Now there are NO reviews for the book I used as an example. I don’t know if there was a site overhaul or what. The review is no different than the one I posted here, Amazon, and other places.

But, that is something that is concerning - what does BookishFirst do if a review is removed because of a website overhaul, or the retailer just wants to do it. I get the the hardcover isn’t available anymore, but there is a paperback version available - and the “content” doesn’t change because the cover does.

Very interesting there. And, an interesting “side note” about sharing reviews.