Question about sharing reviews

I am fairly new to the site, and just wrote a review and shared it in a few places online. When I go to submit the links to the places I shared, the first thing asked for is the title of my review. Many of the places I share reviews don’t let the writer create a title…what should I put in that space on the form? (This time, I just used the name of the site, ie Goodreads, Bookbub.) I appreciate any feedback!

Also, aside from the obvious/major sites, what are some other good places to share reviews?

Thank you!

I use my user name and the name of the book. For example on Goodreads I would write “Sasha Carpenter’s Reviews > Book Title” since that is what they see right at the top of the page.

I am not sure if this is right or wrong but I just put the title I use for websites where a title is required. I’m sure you can also just put the title at the top of your review too.

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I have a lot of sites that I crosspost reviews to. Here are a few:

  • LibraryThing
  • BookBub
  • The Storygraph
  • Google Books
  • my library’s site
  • a facebook reading group I’m part of

I write “untitled by [whatever my user name is on that site].”

There are many good suggestions already, but you can always make your first line of your review sort of like a longer title.

What is the Facebook group? If they’re accepting new members, I’d love to join!

Also, how do you get a direct link to your book on Google books? I posted one there, but can’t figure out how to get the link. Thanks!

It’s based on a Goodreads group called Book Chat, so you can join there and then grab the FB link to correspond. :slight_smile:

For Google, I just link to the review page for the book because as far as I can tell, the URL you use when signed in will always show yours at the top, AND ALSO there’s no way to actually get a direct link based on my searching. BF hasn’t messaged me to say there was an issue with any of the links, so I assume it’s working!

There’s also this article from BF mentioning some other popular communities users link to.

As far as the ones that don’t let you title it (Goodreads, BookBub - places like that), I honestly just put the book’s title in the “form” space here (this week’s book would be “Mona Passage”, so if I reviewed it, that’s the title I use). That’s basically the title of the review for that site and it’s worked for me since I started here over 2 years ago (2/18/2019). Haven’t had a problem doing that at all. Always got my points.

I’ve posted to Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble (unless those were the major ones you were talking about) - usually wherever the book is sold online works. Books-A-Million, even ChristianBook work. I do have my own blog as well.

I’ve posted to some of those you mentioned, but couldn’t find a way to get a link to my review. Will BookishFirst accept it without a direct link?

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Went to reply and it posted, lol! With Target for example, I just used the product link. So, my title for review was the title of the book: STOP MISSING YOUR LIFE. I used the product link (as shown). What’s interesting, I am still only 1 of 2 reviews there, and this book was released 4 months ago. I got my 100 points no problem. I think BookishFirst knows some sites won’t give direct links. And, that’s okay. I think they want a link to see if you’ve listed a review. I use the same user name all over for that reason. They can see this link, scroll, see review, good to go in case of a dispute.

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