Reading Challenges!

Who else loves reading challenges?! I find they help me organize what I will be reading and when. 2020 is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to select a few fun challenges for the new year! Feel free to share any reading challenges that you have found to this board!


The Alphabet Challenge! This one is harder than you think! Find books with titles starting with each letter of the alphabet A-Z. It is okay to ignore the words “a” and “the” at the beginning of the title.

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The Number Challenge! Find book with titles for each number between 0-9. The number can be anywhere in the title. If you cannot find a 0, try to find a 10!

The Color Challenge! Find book covers for each color! The majority of the cover should be in the designated color. “Multicolor” is like a wildcard; any colorful cover can be used there!


The Monthly Challenge! Follow the challenges in order, or pick each one at random! One challenge topic per month in 2020!

  1. Read a book with 500+ pages
  2. Reread a favorite book
  3. Read a 2020 debut book
  4. Read a book that someone else picks
  5. Listen to an audiobook
  6. Read a book that you DNF’d/gave up on
  7. Read a new-to-you author
  8. Read a book that is not a novel
  9. Read/watch a book and its film adaptation
  10. Read an award-winning novel
  11. Read a classic novel
  12. Read a series finale
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The 2020 Popsugar Reading Challenge! This one is quite long…there are 40 standard book prompts and 10 advanced book prompts! Click here for the downloadable printout!

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The Hoarders Challenge! This is a fun way to clear out your TBR and read those books collecting dust on your shelf! Only one rule: you can’t use books you’ve read before!

  1. Book that has been on your TBR list the longest
  2. Book from a physical stash somewhere in your house
  3. Book you got for free
  4. Book you previously gave up on
  5. Book recommended by a friend/received as a gift
  6. Book from a Book of the Month selection you got but haven’t read (from any book club or book subscription service)
  7. Book from a series you haven’t finished
  8. Book classic you got and never opened
  9. Book that is/was assigned in school that you never really “read”
  10. Book featured on Bookish First that you won/claimed with points
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I am doing the Beat the Backlist challenge hosted by the Novel Knight!


Thank you @faunne! This list of Reading Challenges is a great idea and resource for fellow BookishFirst Readers. In the New Year, we’ll be using the Reading Challenge topic (in Book Talk) to host a BookishFirst-related challenge. If anyone has any specific ideas for what you would want that challenge to look like, we’d love to know in this thread!

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I’m doing that one too. And a NetGalley review-a-thon challenge.

I am going to be making monthly challenges on Instagram. I love doing them!!! Also I hope that Epic Reads does another Year of Epic Reads for next year. If you don’t know what they are I have a board with all the themes for this year on it. it won’t let me put the entire link. Weird crossroadreview/year-of-epic-reads/2019/. I guess I also have a board of nothing but reading challenges lol. crossroadreview/reading-challenges/

I’ve never been one for reading challenges, as I like perusing my books & finding something that sticks out at the time. But I guess that’s why they call these a “challenge”. :wink:

I really like this one (The Hoarder’s Challenge). This sounds like one that would be good for me. Hahaha

I love reading challenges. I start them with the best of intentions and generally forget about them after a few months. It’s not until the end of November or beginning of December that I’ll remember them and then it’s a mad scramble to see if any of the books I’ve read throughout the year fit with the challenge goals.
For 2020 I’ve decided to ditch the reading challenges and will just go with my annual goal of reading 365 books for the year. That’s challenge enough.

There are some book groups in Goodreads in which I belong. Books & Coffee has many challenges in which I participate. There is the A-Z Challenge which I will actually get done this year (it is much harder than it seems because of Q and X for me), randomizer (the moderator picks random numbers 1-500) and you read the book that falls within the numbers that are based on your TBR list in Goodreads, reading buddy in which your assigned partner picks a book for you to read (you can let them know which folder to pick from - I have a “books-at-home” folder, and then the poll book in which readers nominate books then everyone votes, the winner is the book that is read. Fun, fun and helps to get the books out of my house (I have over 800). Cannot wait for Christmas break so I can read.

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I just started my own! It’s through my library, but open to everyone, no matter where you are. I’m challenging everyone to read 20 books in 2020 in a variety of categories. My ultimate goal is to get people in the library talking about what they’re reading. There’s a raffle for a $50 Amazon gift card at the end! Visit the webpage for the Westhampton Free Library and click on Read 20 in 2020 for all the details and to sign up. And share it far and wide with the hashtag #read20in2020wfl

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Our library does a Winter Challenge. There are mission you can complete that tasks you do to a variety of things associated with the library (a great way to learn what your local library has to offer) and read books. Last year there was a neat winter challenge mug and this year, after reading four books, you get a winter challenge travel cup. Pretty neat stuff and pretty neat prizes.

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I am doing this one also!

A looong time ago I attempted to do a 50 states challenge and a 50 countries challenge whether it be in setting or publication but never succeeded after multiple tries. Thinking back on it I think pre-selecting countries was my downfall for that challenge. If anyone wants to attempt something like these it’s an idea and I’d love to know how you do with it!

I finished 50% letters in AtoZ challenge organised by Ginger Mom and company. On Goodreads I finished 35 books out of 80 books a year challenge and I checked off 9 boxes in Popsugar challenge. I’m not sure if I can finish this one.