Shadowhunters Bingo! [Sponsored]

Calling all Shadowhunters fans! We’re excited to challenge you to a very special round of Bookish Bingo. How many of these Cassandra Clare boxes can you cross off?

Fill out your bingo board and share it here! If you post it to your social media, we’d love to see it. Be sure to tag us @BookishFirst and @SimonTeen.

P.S. Don’t forget to share your First Impression of Chain of Gold! Raffle closes on February 3, 2020.

(The Shadowhunters Bingo board has been provided by SimonTeen)


I got a bingo! But I still have quite a few Shadowhunter novels to catch up on :blush:


I am so anxious to read this one…The Infernal Devices characters were my faves…I think I have checked my profile 10 times!!

No Bingo for me, but I did start reading the Shadowhunter Chronicles in 2020. So I think I’ve done pretty well so far. I do plan on continuing in 2021, so by the end of the year I think I’ll be able to have a bingo!!

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