Share Your Bookstagram Tips!

We know that many BookishFirst Readers have bookstagram accounts. You can share your handle/link in these two topics (here and here). We’ve set up this topic so you can share all of your bookstagram tips and tricks to help support each other.


Engagement with other Bookstagrammers is important. If you like a post, make sure to comment on it. To make it easier for people to comment on your post, include QOTD (question of the day) and make sure to reply to comments.


Engagement is absolutely key. Especially with how annoying the IG algorithm is. I know you don’t always have something to say and you can just like. but absolutely hit that like button. Post in stories. You will build great relationships. and when life happens and you can’t be on much I noticed lots of bookstagrammers just say they need to go MIA for some time. It happens. I personally never unfriend for that.

2 Likes @itsblee1234 is my bookstagram. I share all things that help me heal and be happy on there (Chronic Lyme Disease). It’s a place of healing and fun! Feel free to reach out or join me! Sharing recipes and great books has seriously improved my healing journey! Namasté