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I’m waiting on mine too. I doubt it will come before Tuesday’s publication date.

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I’m currently waiting on My Eyes Are Up Here and it has a shipping delay on it

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I think The Half Sister should be arriving soon? I have a post office note that there’s a package in transit from their press, so here’s hoping for that one at least​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

When will we find out when A good marriage will be shipped? The book comes out tomorrow and it’s delayed. The book was supposed to be shipped out on April 14th and I claimed the book using the points I had💔

does anyone know when my eyes are up here is coming because it says its delayed but I don’t know

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@bookishfirst_team, any update with The Kinder Poison or Goddess in the Machine?
At this point, I might just have to check them out from the library to read/review next month.


@bookishfirst_team do you know when my eyes are up here are coming?

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Has anyone received their copy of The Orphan Collector by Ellen Marie Wiseman? I haven’t gotten mine yet. Please respond.

I haven’t yet either. They haven’t updated the shipping on this one yet.

I’m still waiting for both of those books (The Kinder Poison & Goddess in the Machine) myself, but I haven’t heard ANYTHING yet. And I used my points to get The Kinder Poison. I hope they ship them before they get published!


Several people have got theirs now. I got my copy of The Orphan Collector via USPS on 5/18.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten my copy. I hope it arrives soon. Thanks for the update. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m still waiting on my copy of The Orphan Collector, which I spent points to get. Latest info here shows they shipped 5/18, and I only see one comment saying they received their copy. Will the @bookishfirst_team respond to inquiries, please. I sent an email, and waiting for a reply.

I used points to acquire both the Kinder Poison AND My Eyes are Up here, both have no updated shipping information and I “purchased” both of the books in March. Is there any updates or a way to get those points back if the books won’t be shipping? Any information would be helpful as it’s been more than 2 months at this point.


Has anyone gotten their copy of Jo & Laurie? If not has anyone heard from bookishfirst on what they are going to be doing in regards to us losing out on points? I used points to get this book and now I won’t be able to get 300 points for publishing my review because I don’t have the book.


Same here! I used points on Jo & Laurie and Goddess in the Machine. Neither has arrived and no updates are to be found anywhere. It’s really frustrating.

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same with the Kinder Poison. points used, no help no matter how many times I ask. All of us waiting on Penguin Teen books are all just out of luck and screwed.

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I’m still waiting on Goddess in the Machine. I’m pretty bummed out, because I doubt it will come before the publication date, so I’ll miss out on those points for posting my review on release date. Plus, I was excited to get an ARC of the book for my collection, but I figure that they’ll send a finished copy instead. I know I shouldn’t complain, since we’re getting the chance to read these books early for free, but it’s a bit disheartening. :frowning:


Same, I’ve already pre-ordered a finished copy of Goddess in the Machine so I’m hoping they’ll send an ARC

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They updated to say they’ll be sending finished copies of Goddess in the Machine now rather than ARCs.