Stars & Smoke questions

I noticed for the current raffle of Stars & Smoke that there doesn’t appear to be any books to claim at all (like no green button & no note saying all claimable copies have been claimed) and I was wondering if this is something that publishers sometimes does on Bookishfirst? It’s my first time seeing it.

It’s also my first time seeing a book being raffled that doesn’t say what type of book (ebook and/or physical) is being raffled and I was wondering if this sometimes happens?


I was confused by this as well. I rewrote my impression twice and nothing popped up on my profile saying I’d entered to win so I was confused. Maybe it’s a glitch?


It’s not just you. I also had a problem in that it wouldn’t even let me enter the raffle. It said I had to enter my address. My address is already on file. I updated my address, deleted the first impression and then re-added it, and it’s still not giving me the option to enter the raffle. I would have bought it with points if I could, but I’m sad I can’t even try for it in the raffle :-(.


I also had the same problem!! I wonder why I was really excited when I saw the book and was extremely disappointed with this :frowning:


Hi! Thank you for letting us know! Try again now, we have fixed the issue :crossed_fingers:


Thank you so much! I was able to get the book with my points. I’m glad it was just a temporary glitch.

Yep it looks like they fixed it because I can see the green GET IT NOW button.

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I was curious about this too because it wouldn’t let me opt out of the raffle since I already have this book. It looks like everything’s back to normal now!