Starting A Little Library

Hello Everyone, Hope Everyone Is Doing Well. I’m Currently Starting To Make A Little Library. Unfortunately I’m Not Economically Great. And I See How People Just Get Rid Of Books Like If They Are Nothing. So If Anyone Is Wanting To Giveaway Arc Books Or Any Books Just To Create Space. I Would Be Happy To Adopt Them And Fill My Bookshelves And Also Donate Some To People Who Love To Read Just Like Us.

I wish you luck. Starting a LFL can be rewarding for a community; I started one up at my last house and when I sold my last house, the new owner opted to keep it going. I haven’t set one up at my current house because it’s not viable (more rural area). That being said, I wish you luck. I personally, and I know several others in the forum have mentioned it in the past, use swap groups on social media as a way of keeping books rotating. It’s tradsies as opposed to just giving books away. If you’re concerned about the cost of setting up a LFL, GoFundMe has LFL campaigns quite frequently, so you may be able to try to set up something there. From personal experience, I can say that the best bet is to get the up front costs out of the way first - build or buy (or both) the LFL that you will use. Set it up in front of your house (it will take 24-48 hours for the concrete to cure, possibly longer depending on weather conditions). Once you have that done, then you’d start working to get books (you can put up a post in your local BST group to let people know that you’re taking donations). I’m not sure how many people would be willing to just mail books for free, particularly with the cost of media mail rising at the end of last month, but you may find some. The easiest way to get donations though is to show that you’re serious and already have the LFL container built and setup.


I’m happy to donate books if you have some way to share where we can send them! Good luck to you and your LFL…my neighborhood has many and I love walking around to see what’s new inside and the different library designs.

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I LOVE LFLs! If you’re looking for free books, try the Adopt a Book group. All books are free, and recipients only pay media mail shipping. This can be very low per book if you request multiples from the same person. Several hundred hard copies are currently available. Facebook Groups

Good luck!

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I have a whole series you can have if you’re into murder mysteries. The series is Murder 101 by Maggie Barbieri it six books. Some of them are library books and there is very little writing in them actually practically none. They do have library stamps and the card sleeve. In the library ones. They all able to read fine.

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Hello Sorry For Super Late Reply. Of Course I Would Love To Accept Them. Here Is My Email Address So We Can Chat More…

Hope To Hear From You Soon…